Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Women's Day!

Katy Perry: "I'm not a feminist, but I do believe in the power of women."

Kelly Clarkson:"I wouldn’t say [I'm a] feminist, that’s too strong. I think when people hear 'feminist' it’s just like, 'Get out of my way I don’t need anyone. I love that I’m being taken care of, and I have a man that’s an actual leader. I’m not a feminist in that sense."

Miley Cyrus: "I feel like I’m one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything. There's absolutely no contradiction at all between being a feminist and taking your clothes off and being comfortable about your sexuality."

Taylor Swift :  "I don't really think about things as guys versus girls. I never have. I was raised by parents who brought me up to think if you work as hard as guys, you can go far in life."

 Beyoncé: "The word "feminist" can be "very extreme". "I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I'm just a woman and I love being a woman. I do believe in equality and that we have a way to go and it's something that's pushed aside and something that we have been conditioned to acept. But I'm happily married. I love my husband."

Lorde: "I'd refer to myself as a feminist. I don't think my music is overtly rooted in feminism. I'm a teenager and 95 percent of my friends are boys and that's just the way I've always been. There's a degree of transparency with that stuff in my music -- I talk about exactly what's happening to me and my friends and in my more recent material there are songs about a boy but it's not an overt love song. Everyone's said that a million times. I just want to do something different and that people will like."

Demi Moore: “I am a great supporter of women, but I have never really thought of myself as a feminist, probably more of a humanist because I feel like that’s really where we need to be. I think clearly times have changed and women have made their mark in many different arenas."

Lena Dunham: "The idea of being a feminist—so many women have come to this idea of it being anti-male and not able to connect with the opposite sex—but what feminism is about is equality and human rights. For me that is just an essential part of my identity" 

Mindy Kaling: "Here’s my feeling: For everyone, men and women, it’s important to be a feminist. It’s important to have female characters. It’s wonderful for women to mentor other women, but it’s just as important for women to mentor men and vice-versa,"

Amy Poehler: "Yes, I consider myself a feminist, and it informs my work only in that it's just who I am, in the same way that I'm a woman, or I'm 5'2" or whatever. I was lucky that I came through a system that had many people who did much more hard work and road-clearing before I got there.

Ellen Page: "I don't know why people are so reluctant to say they're feminists. Maybe some women just don't care. But how could it be any more obvious that we still live in a patriarchal world when feminism is a bad word."

xoxo, S&I

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