Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dreaming Of A White Christmas*

The Royal Family

BETHANY FRANKEL : “I plan on just spending time with my family. We might go on vacation somewhere. Because there won’t be school, we will have more free time to do anything we want, from going to the zoo to going ice skating. In regard to traditions, we do the regular traditions like baking holiday cookies, picking out the Christmas tree, and going to see Santa”

JENNIFER LOVE-HEWITT: "I have made it a point to come to the Los Angeles Mission at Christmas. There are so many hurting people on the streets of our city, but when I'm here I get to see the smiles of the children and the great food for everyone."

SELENA GOMEZ: "I'm going back to the home in Texas and sitting on the couch with my family, and just eating lots of homemade food!"

HEIDI KLUM: "This year for the first time [the kids] each have their own tree in their room. That's a lot of trees, I know. They were taking photos of us when we left the lot, and they were like, 'Oh my gosh, they've got the whole forest!' But it's because I have so many kids!"

MARIAH CAREY: "Every year, we do what we call the 'Charlie Brown Christmas tree', where we string up those big red and green bulbs and hang tons of ornaments — mostly ornaments my fans have sent me over the years. 
They did pictures of, like, me and the dog, just really cute stuff. It's a wonderful time for us all to bond and really get into the spirit."


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