Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TOP 5 :SATC - season 1#

5.valley of the twenty-something guys
[Carrie: Shouldn't we be dating men our own age?
Miranda: Good luck finding one. There are no available men in their 30's in New York, Giuliani had them removed along with the homeless.]

4. oh come all ye so faithful
['Four stars. Great bread, disappointing wine selection.''] - Miranda, on how Zagat's would rate Big's church

                                                         3. Episode 6 - Secret Sex
[ Mr. Big: Interesting dress. 
Carrie: Meaning? 
Mr. Big: Interesting dress.]
                                                           2. Episode 7 - The Monogamists
 [''What was happening to me? I used to get a secret rush from men who hit on me during their 15 minutes of fame.''] - Carrie

                                                    1. Episode 1 - Sex and the City
'Absof---inlutely.'' - Big to Carrie, after she asks if he's ever been in love.]


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